Communication training in the care services

There is a large group of hospital healthcare staff whose first language is not English. They are often both professional and compassionate but can lack some of the appropriate vocabulary for their particular hospital role. They are able to use general English but need the specifics for the different hospital departments and for a sensitive approach to patients.
Providing these employees with short work related language training makes a very positive difference to their inter personal skills. As a result, patient support would improve, as would accurate exchange of information with colleagues.
Following 30 years teaching English to adults, I have been researching and developing communication training in healthcare.  After an initial meeting with the employer, and, a language assessment of the staff member, I can draw up bespoke training for individuals or groups.

Care Homes

Given that a considerable number of care staff do not have English as a first language, I realised that this group of dedicated employees would only need to learn a small amount of work related English in order to considerably improve the care offered. My research has taken place during several years helping to care for my mother and following a career teaching English to adults.
Much of the language used in a care environment is more than general English and, in recent discussions with employers, it has been agreed that the “language of care” is a specific skill necessary for the job. Respecting and supporting the individual and attempting to give that person choice and control, centres around communication. If someone, of any age, is slightly infirm or disabled, but can still move, he or she is often still in charge of decision making in life. That person, for example, can still choose to go into the garden or to change activity. Once someone is unable to move independently then the choice is limited and the conversation with a carer is so important. It becomes vital that the healthcare professional can speak and listen well in order to maintain that person’s quality of life. That verbal contact with the client may be vital to solve immediate problems or prevent issues escalating.

Any training with About English is bespoke and would be based on the needs of the organisation and the language levels of the participants but for an example of work related English training click Here or for a synopsis of the Positive Team Communication training click Here

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Jane has over 30 years' experience teaching English to adults whose first language is not English. She has taught in the workplace and in colleges, to groups and individuals. Over the years, she has tutored people from over 60 different countries. She is used to assessing language problems and finding solutions.


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